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Need a $200,000 mirror?

Cuz this guy has one.


Triple rodeo

Watch all the way to the end!

A most generous man

I wish more of the incredibly wealthy were like this guy. You have tons of money, you don’t need to keep it all for yourself. Give some of it away to charities and building projects that could actually use some help.

Well there you have it…

Wired’s list of the top 20 video games this year. I have played only a few I believe, but I am definitely going to get some more of them!

Top 20 video games

Sunset in July

I heard this song yesterday in the car, I believe on my way home from the Manchester airport at 5 in the morning. Anyway, this was basically the theme song to my summer. I love it.


Last night I had a dream about this forest you could go to where you could cut down your own tree. But not like a christmas tree, these were like 40′-60′ tall pine trees. You could only cut down 5 per acre though (5 per person basically). Which turns out to be a lot. So naturally I cut some down. It was pretty fun.

Lucky lady