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guess who!?

That’s right, I’m back. And just a heads up, in case anyone actually reads this thing, this is going to slowly (or rapidly) become a ski blog. I’m becoming obsessed with skiing so a lot of things I post, if I post anything, will be awesome ski videos.



sweet dude

Sweet ski video

What a waste!

Really interesting article about vaporizing trash with plasma. Any of the byproducts it creates are either inert or re-usable as gas that could potentially power the plant. Can’t wait until the go public!!


go to :15. that’s the funny part

Barney’s Autotune

It’s like mini fireworks!

Did you forget about me?

Well don’t worry, I didn’t forget about my 0 readers! I’ve been on break from school, which for some reason means a break from blogging too. To show you how much I’ve missed you all, here’s an awesome video!

Rube Goldberg Page Flipper